Consensus in Pediatrics and Child Health
Yann Revillon 

The Anti-Vaccine Movement. Vaccine Fears, Gaps, Epidemics and Pandemics
Francisco Diaz-Mitoma

Adolescence Nutritional Issues
Manuel Moya

Concepts of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology
Donald E. Greydanus

Parental smoking as a risk factor for wheezing and early onset asthma
Z. Živković

Update on Neonatal Resuscitation
Ola Didrik Saugstad

Pediatric Resuscitation: A historical review and update of latest guidelines
José Ramet

The many aspects of food allergy
José Manuel Lopes dos Santos

Management of children with common behaviour problems
Frank Oberklaid

Monitoring and Supporting Child Development
İlgi Ertem

Developmental Disabilities Across the Life Span
Donald E. Greydanus

A Global Pediatric Network from science to practice
Fabrice Brunet

Shared decision making – is it relevant to paediatrics?
Angela Coulter

Caring for Children with Special Health Care Needs
Steve Berman

Continuous EEG monitoring of the premature infant in the NICU
Tom Stiris

Recurrent abdominal pain: What the primary pediatrician should Know
Annamaria Staiano

The child with abnormal liver function tests
Jane Hartley

Advances in the relationship between gut microbiota and infantile colic
Francesco Savino

The Role of Probiotics in Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea
Elena Lionetti

Genomics inPaediatric Endocrinology: Genetic Disorders & New Techniques
Alfred Tenore

Using Patient Characteristics to Individualize and Improve Asthma Care
Leonard B. Bacharier

Is Pediatric Bipolar Disorder a Valid Disorder?
Joseph Biederman

Autism: The Emergence of a New Epidemic
Virginia Wong

Early identification and early intervention
Frank Oberklaid

Quality Assurance in Paediatric Primary Care
Gottfried Huss

Obesity and Primary Care Pediatrics
Stefano del Torso

Child day care and infections: IsThere a way to minimize them?
Diego L. Van Esso

Why is the management of UTI so controversial?
Kjell Tullus

Preventive Antibiotic Treatment in Vesicoureteral Reflux (VUR): The Debate
Constantinos J. Stefanidis

Vitamin D and Metabolic Syndrome from childhood to adulthood
Leon Ferder

The model and implementation of IMCI: Integrated Management of Childhood Illness
Yehuda Benguigui

Child Rights in Consensus for paediatric education & practice
Nick Spences

Diagnostic evaluation of patients with hematuria
Uniklinik Kol

Dilemmas of a Neonatologist
Tom Stiris

Respiratory infection – what works
Terence Stephenson

The pediatric surgeon approach to abdominal pain
JM Guys

What is new in the Management of Hemangiomas
Richard Azizkhan

Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
Devendra Gupta

Disorders of Sex Development: Nomenclature, Pathophysiology, Diagnostics, and Ethics for Management
Olaf Hiort

Severe trauma in children
Gilles Orliaguet

Acute vaso-occlusive Pain in children
François Angoulvant