Prof.Em. J.Boix Ochoa. MD PhD
Gral Secretary + Treasurer
Global Consensus in Pediatrics (CIP)
Council Member + Treasurer

The CIP’s Program recognizes the role of Pediatric Surgery within Pediatrics; the Scientific Committee has intermingled lectures of Pediatric Surgery in almost every Pediatric Session, to give the opportunity to the audience to know new surgical development and knowledge advances in order to achieve better care, and facilitate coordinated care between pediatricians and pediatrics surgeons.
At the Pediatric Surgical Session we have chosen topics of high interest for the pediatricians like the newest surgical procedures in Minimal Invasive Surgery, a new revolutionary approach that with the same results minimize the scars and lower the postoperative hospital stay with minimal surgical trauma.
The State of the Art of the Hirschprung’s disease with all its variants will be exposed and the latest researches and treatment for the Epidermolysis bullosa, a medical nightmare, will be discussed. The program will have a practical session on pediatric ENT bringing consensus and controversies for absolute and relative indication of ears tubes, adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy in children
The aim of Pediatric Surgery is the same as Pediatrics. Our efforts to integrate within the academic program will enhance better care for our children

Short Bio
National and International Appointments
Gral. Secretary World Federation of Associations of Pediatric Surgery-WOFAPS-, since 1983-
Member of the Standing Committee of the International Pediatric Association (IPA.) 1988-1992, 1996-2000 and 2004-2008, 2008-2011
President of the Spanish Pediatric Surgical Association. 1976– 1980
Council Member + Tresurer of the International Pediatric Association “Consensus in Pediatrics“
Vice-President of the Spanish Pediatric Association. 1976- 1980.
International Adviser in Pediatric Surgery in the World Health Organisation (WHO), UNICEF and C.I.O.M.S. since 1992-
Highest Award “Narcis Monturiol” From the Catalonian Federal State for the Pediatric Transplantation Program- Kidney, Liver and Lung in Pediatric Surgery 1985-

  • Residency in Pediatric Surgery with Prof F.Rehbein in Bremen (Germany) 1960-1965
  • Board in General Surgery 1966
  • Board in Pediatrics 1975
  • Ph. D. Doctor Summa cum Laude 1976
  • Board in Pediatric Surgery 1980 (First Board Recognized in Spain)
    Member of the National Committee of Pediatric Surgical Board.-Spain.


  • Professor in Paediatric Surgery- University Barcelona-Spain- 1980-2005
  • Chairman of the Department of Pediatric Surgery-University Hospital
  • Director Paediatric Surgical Post- grade Courses and Doctor Habilitations – 1980-2006
  • Founding Member of the European Union of University Surgical Professors.


  • Chairman of Surgery and Chief of the Paediatric Surgical Department in the Autonomous University of Barcelona-Spain. – 1966 -2005
  • Director of the Paediatric Surgical Program Transplantation of :Liver- Kidney and- Lung since 1985.-2005
  • Director of the Foetal Surgical Program since 2000-2006


  • Honorary Professor and Visiting Professor in 49 Universities (outside Spain)
  • Honorary Member and Honorary Fellowship in 49 National and International Societies of Surgery and Paediatric Surgery.-
  • Member of 14 Editorial Boards of Pediatrics, General Surgery, Pediatric Gastroenterology and Paediatric Surgery.
  • Distinguished AWARDS
  • Honorary Member and Guest-Speaker of the American Pediatric Surgical Association (APSA) .American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and American Academy of Pediatric Gastroenterology (AAPG)
  • Honorary Fellowship of the College of Medical Sciences of South Africa-May 2006
  • Santulli Lecture- N.York 1990
  • Sir Alex Simpson Lecture and Medal-London -1998
  • Longino Lecture 2006- Birmingham.USA.- 2004
  • Daver Yeker Lecture –Istanbul – 2004
  • Suruga Lecture-AAPS-New Delhi -2005
  • Akkary Lecture-EPSA Meeting-Cairo.-2006
  • European Pediatric Surgical Assoc ( EUPSA )-Rehbein Medal-May 2007
  • Milleniun Oration 2007-Chennai-India
  • Mc Leods Lecture -August 2008- Canadian Assoc. Ped. Surgeons- CAPS
  • Rohatgi’s Millenium Oratio -Nov. 2010- Indian Assoc.
  • Ped. Surgeons International Life Award of the International Pediatric Association-2010
  • International Life Achievement Award WOFAPS.-2010
  • President of International Congresses
  • 3rd World Symposium of Pediatric Surgery. Barcelona, 1977
  • 1ST Spanish-French Congress of Pediatric Surgery, Barcelona 1980
  • 1stInternational Congress in Pediatric Liver Transplantation. Barcelona 1986
  • International Workshop in Pediatric Surgery, Barcelona 1987
  • Gral. Secretary of the World Congress of Pediatric Surgery in Zagreb, June 2004, Croatia
  • Gral. Secretary II World Congress of Pediatric Surgery in Buenos Aires-Argentina, September 2007
  • Gral. Secretary IIl World Congress of Pediatric Surgery in New Delhi-India, October 2010
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